Sweet Love

Sweet Love
Sunday, December 30, 2012

When the end of world never be end

I'm believe this post will be the last post of this year 2012, soon will getting busy and busy. There are nothing related with the jobs, is more about the year end sales! yes! shopping, offer and discount!! Even thought I have no idea for the Chinese New Year's plan, but shopping always a nature for all the ladies, I'm pretty sure of it!

'Just use one word to describe what you had done on this year.'

Colleague asked me this question during lunch time, sound easy but when come to answer it, it let me stunned. Anyway, when my brain start working fine, the first word come to my mind is 'GOOD', hehe~ Is it that mean I only remember the good one rather than the bad one? but still got a lot of fren answered 'NOTHING' >,<''

Listening the song one thousand years that sang by Christina Perri, the twilight movie series finally came to the last chapter, no more waiting, no more expecting for each chapter on show, so sad. I'm watched it twice in the cinema, have to say, I'm love the part that Jacob taking off the shirt and jean! hoho~ Alright, that one is just the small part of it, I'm like the romance between Edward & Bella also, it really touching me in deep. Ermm, I curious why the baby Renesmee looked so fake?

The upcoming movie I'm waiting now is 'THE HOST', from Stephenie Meyer too. Oh yea, please book me earlier if want to watch with me, OK? Few days left to year 2013, lucky we still alive in this world, appreciated the world never end at 21st Dec. Whatever any unhappy happened in this year, leave it behind, better future will come to us soon, love ya.


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