Sweet Love

Sweet Love
Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Here has no White Horse Prince, only Snow White that rescue herself

I have been stucked on Subang in one hour after finished work today, it because my lovely car's battery was died and cause the engine cannot be start. Actually this kind of thing had been happened several times, just so bad and so unlucky to let me face it alone again ╭(╯^╰)╮

I'm hanging in the car and first thing come to my mind is to find someone help me check the car battery, so I'm called my colleague immediately, but unfortunally the line in the car park cannot reach him. I had no choice, need to leave my car there and choose the second option which is call my cousin who work in subang also and go back together with her. if someone having bad luck, it really did. Guess what happened? she already reached Klang that time, really is OMG to me o(>﹏<)o

Ok, I know I'm having bad luck now, no need you to told me ok. 'Ga Ga Dei' i also your son, still got people called me God Father one ok, MY GOD~

Since no one can help me, so I need to check it by own (you know because of this, my 5 finger become black!) I'm followed the way from past experiance to open the front car cover, learned what my father had done and try to move the plug of battery. Dang Dang Dang, what the result i get? of cause is unsuccessful la.

What can I do next? Sitting in Coffee Bean drink coffee and wait people rescue ~\(≧▽≦)/~

But I forgot one thing, my world already no more prince, so where got people come rescue me? (ノ><)ノ

"Hey dad, do you going to finish work?"

"Ya, what happen?"

"My car was died at Subang now. I had tried to moved the battery plug, but seem nothing work."

"Ermm, have the car show any signal light on the drive broad?"

"Ya, it's show, just cannot start."

"Ok, you just need to push it HARDER, then it will do."

"Ok, I try again."

Sometime I really think my father is a angel, just one sentence then I know what going on now. Yes, is need to PUSH HARDER. Wahahahahahahaha~ At last I just take out a 'SI BA NA' to strike it! Then it revive again, easy is it? O(∩_∩)O

I know this post is a bit longer, the post area too small and easily make people feel dizzy. But this one cannot blame on me, just english is different with chinese word, few character only one word.

As conclusion, what I learn from this lesson is, the hazelnut ice blended coffee in Coffee Bean not bad, why we always want to go starbuck?


  1. lol..don shoot me can ma?? but look u not so mind ur finger black cos tat make you get a nice drinks ya..XD