Sweet Love

Sweet Love
Thursday, August 06, 2009


Long time ago when i reading the newspaper, if not wrong that is sin chew newspaper. A Singaporean blog writer was awarded the best s'g blog and this title is successfully get my attention to read it(normally i'm not interest on that kind of boring title, maybe is because i also have a blog), by the link post out from newspaper, i online searching her blog. Yap, the blog writer is a girl, and the style of her blog are very attractive. She is open-minded, sexy and i know i'm can't learn from her, you can try to learn if you are dare to post out the photo such as put a condom and place on your ass then. Don't feel doubt for it, is true, you can see this kind of photo on her blog, it's only one of that, that cool right?

Look at this, it's funny :

few years ago, i have a friend, we know each other is because he is my brother's friend. He chasing me that time, and i know it but i also know that we are impossible because i totally no feeling on him. i still remember we go dinner with my brother, sister and some friends one night. After the dinner, i have to fetch that guy back since he stay near to my house but finally we went to 8 bridge because my sister suggested. At there i feel that he try to stay closer with me, i keep scolding him in my heart even i'm smile and chatting with him (@#$^$^!@#%^). But the most terrible is he hold my hand without my permission in the car when we are on the way back , so shit. Is he think he is a handsome guy, all the girl for sure will die on his hand? or i show that i fall in love to him? or it already look usual for him with all the girls? After that night, i blocked all the contact and news from him, maybe is because this, i.m not going out with someone who are chasing me for now.

Sometime i feel that i'm a open minded person, i have a lot of male's friends, and we always play together and crazy together and even sleep together. That all become normal for me, we won't think too much for it because they are not treat me as girl(i am not pretty and fat), but i enjoy it. If you ask me is it have pure friendship between 2 opposite sex friends, i can say it may be not. but if in the group of friends, then of cause. So how do you think if your gf/bf telling you that he/she going to meet up A FRIEND and NOT A GROUP OF FRIENDS? do you believe it?

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