Sweet Love

Sweet Love
Monday, January 11, 2010


Today is 11 February, I’m so happy that my salary was bank in to my account, because it already late for one week, thanks for my boss for done that else I will need to eat grass for this week. Actually I’m damm poor for this week, lucky I got save $$ from last month (normally I won’t do that, because I’m the person who is finish all the salary at the end of the month) that why I need to write a post for this, too happy for it ^^

Still remember a question while chat with Anthony last week, is something about the family’s salary. In here anyone know about your family monthly salary is how much? For me, I have no idea of my family’s monthly salary, because I know this is something regarding to P&C, so I also won’t ask about that automatically, but it doesn’t mean I’m not their family or daughter.

Maybe my family is different if compare to another. We have been trained to be independence since we are small. Anything we just can judge and settled by ourselves, we look like family but actually we more like an individual person, and we can live together in a house without see each other for a week (surprising right? Someone was said our family’s style is very cool.)

Ok, what I write is out of the topic already, my question is, do I need to ask or know about that? Is necessary to know that because I’m their daughter? There are some responses which are from my friends and my relative so far.

“Har, you don’t know your parent’s salary?”
“You are their daughter wor.”
“Sure are you didn’t care about them.”
“why you don’t ask?”
“That is normal to know everything about your family.”

First, I have asked when I’m young, and my mother just told me “small little girl don’t ask too much.” Second, I am their daughter doesn’t mean I need to know. Third, even let me know but how? That $$ is not mine, so I better stick to normal way. =P

Forget to say, even my salary was bank in, but it still in current balance and not available,
It means I still need to wait for 1 day!!!!

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